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Part time dinosaur and full time media, communications and digital professional holding eight years experience working with some of Australia's most iconic and respected entertainment brands. 

I am a mother to Golden Boy, a lover of great movies, a pop music fanatic, infatuated with Twitter, sports-obsessed, eternally searching for gymspiration and I'm convinced Justin Bieber would be the best son in the world.

This is where I share my work, random musings and my favourite things from the Internet.

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Dylan Lewis & Kelli Paun's death metal cover of Ed Sheeran's 'The A Team'

Dylan Lewis has a theory: Ed Sheeran's 'The A Team' was born to be a death metal song.

It's a song that, lyrically, touches on drug abuse and prostitution, but is softened by Ed's sweet vocals and acoustic stylings.

So one weekend Dylan, with the help of Nova 100 colleague Kelli Paun, decided to rerecord 'The A Team' - the right way. Then they kidnapped Ed Sheeran, forced him to to listen to their death metal version of his song and filmed it all.

Isn't that what everyone does on weekends?

Watch Dylan Lewis & Kelli Paun's take on 'The A Team':

DISCLAIMER: Ed Sheeran was not really kidnapped. Instead the clip was shot around the Nova 100 building and in Ed Sheeran's Melbourne hotel during his most recent visit.

I landed the easy part of this project: convincing Ed to let me tie him to a chair, put a hood on his head and film it.

Here's a look at the raw footage of Ed Sheeran vs. the footage used in the final product:


Florence Welch discusses her fashion evolution

Florence Welch, and her band Florence + the Machine, is a well loved fixture of the music industry and she proved when she dropped by the Nova 100 studio to chat with Meshel, Tim and Marty.

In this video she chats about her fashion evolution, all the way from tomboy to couture-wearing goddess.

If you want to know if Whoopi Goldberg was wearing a bra when Florence met her, head over here, or if you were wondering if she crashed a random house part in England a few weeks ago, Florence reveals all here.


Photos: One Direction @ Rod Laver Arena

They came, they saw and they conquered, leaving thousands of crying girls in their wake.

One Direction are shamelessly manufactured (they're a Simon Cowell brainchild, via The X Factor) and - 'What Makes You Beautiful' aside - their music is pretty average, but the kids are going crazy for it.

I think I'll stick with Bieber, but if you're a Directioner you can check out the full set of photos here.


Does Nathan Buckley go home & flog himself?

If this is a question that's been plaguing you for years, you're about to be put out of your misery.

On Friday Kate Langbroek put the question to Dale 'Daisy' Thomas (well, she compared Bucks to Silas, the albino monk in The Da Vinci Code) and her phrasing of the question left it open to interpretation. Daisy seized the opportunity and hit it for six.


PHOTOS: Duran Duran @ Rod Laver Arena

Simon Le Bon: everyone's older man crush. 

He's arrogant, talented, a little bit fat and he clearly has the coolest shoes in rock. In other words, he's a massive spunk.

Check out more photos of Duran Duran live at Rod Laver Arena here.